What is Gogunlocked?

At gogunlocked.cc you’ll find a platform that allows you to enjoy your GOG games free of charge. All the games are DRM free so you won’t need any cracks or license codes to play them.

Is this site safe? Are there any viruses?

The website ensures security, for downloads ensuring they are virus free. All the games available, on the site come directly from GOG.com making it effortless to install and play them away using the desktop icon.

Why is my download so slow?

There might be reasons why your download speed’s slow, like servers being congested or your internet connection not being strong enough to reach its full potential when connecting to the servers. However there’s a workaround that can help you maximize your download speeds. You can try using a download manager, like FDM, JDownloader or IDM. Any of these download managers will allow you to make the most of your bandwidth and connection enabling you to achieve speeds.

Can you provide torrent downloads for every game?

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to find a torrent option, for all games. Torrents are usually available for games while smaller games, a few hundred megabytes, in size can be downloaded quickly without needing torrents.

Why did my antivirus program picked up the game as a threat/virus?

This detection is inaccurate. Sometimes antivirus software may mistakenly identify the game files as a threat. Rest assured all our games are obtained directly from gog.com guaranteeing their authenticity. We have no intention of distributing malware or causing any harm whatsoever.

What is the difference between steamunlocked and gogunlocked?

Steamunlocked has a range of games including titles, from Steam, classic platforms and Origin. On the hand Gogunlocked focuses exclusively on games. If you’re unable to find a game I recommend checking out steamsunlocked.com for more options.

Do you accept donations?

We have no agenda. Our goal is solely to provide the community with a range of games without expecting anything, in exchange. If you value our efforts please assist us by sharing information, about our website with your friends and family.

If you have any inquiries other than these FAQ, you can contact us here: [CONTACT US]